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1 Pair of Stay-dry MAX Cotton Briefs Full-fitting Cotton Briefs
Soft stretch full fit 100% white cotton briefs. This MAX version of our standard PantsPlus brief is equipped with a double stay-dry lining that provides extra confidence when required.
They look just like normal underwear and save any temporary embarrassing moments.
Up to 75% of people sometimes experience personal accidents for a variety of reasons - sneezing, laughing, or even those few extra glasses of wine may be the culprit!
Our modern safe and dry underwear is the perfect solution. Easy to wash by hand or machine, with no loss of effectiveness. A quality British-made product.

When purchasing this product, please allow 10 days for delivery as they are made to order.
Black or white cotton full fitting brief; 92% cotton, 8% elastane. Excellent value 6 pair pack.

machine washable